Wine Bottle Photography FAQ

Where are you located? Right near Downtown in San Luis Obispo, Ca at Peach St and Morro St. I work out of my home. If you are interested in stopping by, please schedule a time using my contact form.

Will you be returning the wine bottles? Of course, unless I don't have to :-) The client will be responsible for shipping expenses or they can be picked up. Please schedule a time to pick up bottles ahead of time.

What resolution are files? All full resolution files are shot at 21mp (3744px x 5616px). Otherwise known as "GIGANTIC" which will be great for using them in any media or print format.

What background options do you offer? I currently only offer white, gray, or black. Remember we deliver bottles on a transparent layer with every shoot in addition to the background you select.

What does "clipped" mean? This is short way of saying the bottle will be cut out and delivered on a transparent layer. This can be delivered in PNG or PSD formats.

Will you come photograph our winery or tasting room? I'm a photo journalist at heart and would love to come photograph your winery. Please contact me asap to check my availability and schedule a shoot.

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